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Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong’s advantages are the reasons for its success over many years as an international business city, such as:

  • Common Law System
  • Employer-Friendly Legislation
  • Pro-business Governance
  • Simple Tax System
Company formation services Hong Kong

Hong Kong has the world’s freest economy and enjoys unrestricted flow of information, capital, talent and goods.

In addition, Hong Kong people have an international outlook and commensurate business expertise. They are usually trilingual (English, Mandarin & Cantonese), highly trained, flexible and mobile. Hong Kong also has an open-door immigration policy to attract the best overseas professionals to come & work in the city.

Hong Kong Company Registration

Setting up a company in Hong Kong is fast, straightforward and inexpensive. In under a week, your company could be up and running. Here are the basic steps in setting up a business in Hong Kong:

Select a type of business
Private Limited Company
Commonly Used
Separate Legal Entity
Profit Generating
Company Ltd By Guarantee
Commonly Used
Separate Legal Entity
Profit Generating
Profit Generating
Separate Legal Entity
Audit Requirement
Representative Office
Liaison work
Business Activities
Legal Status

The most commonly used structure is the Private Limited Company. It is a separate legal entity from its foreign parent company, therefore the liabilities of the subsidiary company do not extend to the parent company.

Another type of business is the Representative Office. A Representative Office has no legal status and cannot conduct any profit generating business activities. Such an office is useful if a company wishes to explore the Hong Kong market before making a larger investment or indeed if it is never intended to derive sales, e.g. only fulfill functions such as promotion and liaison work.

Minimum requirements for company registration in Hong Kong
Individual Director
1 person
Shareholder (either individual or corporate)
1 person
Company Secretary
1 person

All Hong Kong Companies must appoint a Company Secretary which is based in Hong Kong. The Company Secretary is responsible for the annual maintenance of the company and has to ensure that the company is compliant with the regulations

Registered Office Address
1 address
Designated Representative
1 person
Timeline for company incorporation & business registration
3 - 5 Working Days
The Certificate of Incorporation and Business Registration Certificate will be ready 3 - 5 working days after submission to the Hong Kong Companies Registry (CR).
Open a company bank account in Hong Kong
Incorporation and Registration

Company incorporation & business registration completed

Submit Documents

Submit company’s statutory documents, and other supporting documents such as business plan and proofs

Bank Meeting

Different banks will also have different requirements on the deposit and processing fees

Business Bank Account can then be opened


Our Package
Our comprehensive Hong Kong company incorporation and formation solution includes:
  • Assistance with Bank Account Opening
  • HK Limited Company Formation
  • Provision of Company Secretary
  • Provision of Virtual CFO
  • Provision of Registered Office Address
  • Preparation of Significant Controllers Register
  • Provision of Designated Representative

Roadmap of Hong Kong Company
Formation Process

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