Terms & Conditions

Primasia Corporate Services Limited – Summary of Standard Terms and Conditions

Services and Fees
  • Quotations are in US dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  • The Principal (the person requesting the services) and the Company (the legal entity in respect of which the services are requested) shall be jointly and severally liable for payments of fees payable in respect of services provided.
  • Fees calculated on an annual or other periodic basis are payable in advance, and shall be non-refundable except in the event of substandard service by the Service Provider.
  • Other fees, such as time/cost-based fees or standard (non-time-based) fees, shall be payable upon presentation of the invoice.
  • Payment shall be to the account advised by the Service Provider and shall be without deduction of bank charges and commissions.
  • Payment shall be deemed to have been received when adequate details of the payment to identify the payment, as well as the payment itself, have been received by the Service Provider.
  • E-mail or other written instructions which the Service Provider has reasonable grounds to believe are genuine may be acted on (whether authenticated or not) but the Service Provider may also act on verbal instructions, subject to sub- clause (b) below).
  • The Principal and/or an Authorised Person are encouraged to agree authentication procedures for the secure communication and execution of instructions with the Service Provider.
  • Any document bearing a facsimile signature which is believed by the Service Provider to be genuine shall be deemed to be acceptable and binding.
  • The Principal or an Authorised Person shall keep the Service Provider advised of all information as is necessary to enable the Service Provider to fulfill its legal duties under this Agreement and otherwise.
Exclusion of Liability
  • In the absence of negligence or bad faith, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any act or omission.
  • There shall no liability for any consequential loss.
  • The Principal warrants that all acts requested to be done by the Service Provider shall comply with all relevant laws, and that all statements, documents and contracts of whatsoever nature which the Service Provider is requested to sign will be true and accurate in all respects.
  • The Principal undertakes and warrants that the Company will keep proper accounts and will properly file all tax returns and all papers which are required by law to be filed and that all taxes required to be paid by the Company shall be duly paid.
  • The Service Provider shall inform the Principal or an Authorised Person if it becomes aware of any contravention or apparent contravention of any laws in force in Hong Kong.
  • Save as required by law, the Service Provider shall keep confidential all documents and information, and shall not disclose to any third party without the consent of the Company.

Primasia and the Principal may vary these terms and conditions by agreement in writing.

  • The Service Provider may, if it believes there to be legal or professional reasons why it should not continue to provide the services, resign services.
  • The Principal may terminate the Agreement if the services provided are not up to standard.
  • Upon termination of this agreement by whichever Party and for whatever reason, and upon full settlement of all outstanding fees, the Service Provider shall return all documents, files and papers relating to the Company to an Authorised Person.