Running a company is more than just selling products and services to your target customers and meeting and exceeding their expectations. You also need to do an audit of your business or company to ascertain whether you are on the right track and if you are doing everything right. Discover more about annual audit Hong Kong Company 

An annual audit, whether you like it or not is an essential part of running a business or company in Hong Kong or any other part of the globe. Your business in Hong Kong doesn’t run under its own laws. It has to ascribe to the relevant financial reporting and accounting standards and be compliant with Hong Kong tax laws.

An annual audit Hong Kong company helps ensure that your financial statements or statement of accounts are in order, accurate, and compliant with the relevant Hong Kong financial reporting standards.

Carrying out an annual audit of your company gives you an idea of your company’s financial health.

Granted, the whole auditing process can be daunting especially given the fact that most people are clueless or simply don’t understand accounting jargon, financial statements, audit reports, or tax filing. This article endeavors to take a closer look at what you should expect during an annual audit Hong Kong company. It endeavors to make you understand what to expect and how you can effectively prepare for an annual audit in Hong Kong.

The Audit Process

Generally, an annual audit in Hong Kong of your business or company is conducted by an external auditor who is independent of your business or company. The job of the auditor is to review your financial statements, all your accounting records for the year, as well as any other relevant accounting and financial records.

The goal is to ascertain or in other words, verify that the financial and accounting records are accurate and that they are compliant with the relevant Hong Kong accounting standards.

Ensure that you enlist the services of an annual audit Hong Kong company that has the expertise, experience, and know-how to carry out a professional audit of your business or company in Hong Kong. It’s imperative to note that the audit process entails several stages.


This is without a doubt the first step of the audit process. During this stage, your auditor will simply review your company’s accounting records as well as financial statements and assess the level of risk associated with your business or company.

While this is good, perhaps the most defining moment of this particular stage is when the auditor identifies areas of your business that requires special or additional attention during the audit.

Based on this information, the auditor will come up with an audit plan that essentially outlines the scope of the audit conducted, the procedures that will be conducted, and how long it will take to complete the audit.


Fieldwork marks the second stage of the audit process and this is where the actual auditing procedures are conducted.

In this stage, the auditor will review accounting records, conduct interviews with the company’s key personnel, and perform analytical procedures to assess the accuracy of your company’s financial statements. The auditor is also at liberty to request any additional information or documents during this stage.


This is the final stage of the audit process. Once the auditor is done with the fieldwork, they will prepare an audit report that essentially outlines their findings as well as their conclusions.

In essence, the audit report entails a statement on what the auditor thinks about your company’s financial statements, as well as outlining any significant issues or concerns that were outlined during the audit.

The auditor will also recommend any improvements that need to be done if any weaknesses were identified during the annual audit Hong Kong company process.

Now that you are familiar with the audit process, you are probably curious about what to prepare for the annual audit Hong Kong Company. Well, let’s take a look.

What to prepare for the audit

In order to ensure that the audit process is smooth and efficient, preparation is of the essence. Here are a number of steps you can take for the annual audit Hong Kong Company.

Review of the financial statements

It is important that you take the onus to review your company’s accounting records and financial statements and make sure that they are not only accurate but also up to date.

Scrutinize your financial statements and accounting records and make sure that all transactions are properly recorded. If there are any errors or discrepancies, ensure that they are corrected before the auditor kickstarts the audit process.

Organize your documents

This is where you put your house in order. It entails organizing all relevant documents such as bank statements, invoices, and tax return receipts.

The idea is to make it easy for the auditor to access and make the auditing process brisk. 

Well-organized documents enable auditors such as Primasia to work quickly and efficiently in reviewing your company’s financial records.

Identify potential issues

This is where you anticipate and identify any potential issues that the auditor is likely to raise during the audit and be ready to provide explanations or additional documentation as needed.

For instance, if you recently made a significant change in your business operations, the auditor may want to review the impact this change has had on your financial statements.

Communicate with the auditor

Communication is important if the annual audit Hong Kong company process has to be seamless, smooth, and efficient.

It is important that you keep communication lines open throughout the audit process so that you understand what is expected of you, as well as address any concerns you might be having.

Annual Audit Hong Kong Company 2023

In conclusion, we must stress the fact that the annual audit process is an important part of running a business or company in Hong Kong.

It ensures that companies comply with the accounting and auditing requirements set out by the companies ordinance and other relevant Hong Kong regulations.

During auditing, the auditor will review financial statements, tax returns, and other reports of the company with a view to providing a fair and accurate assessment of the business’s financial health. 

The directors of the business or company will be required to provide access to all necessary documents and information and ensure that the accounts are in order.

That said, companies that qualify for exemption from the audit process are still required to meet certain requirements such as filing an annual return and statement of accounts.

In a nutshell, the annual audit Hong Kong Company process is an important undertaking if your business or company is to be compliant with the laws set by Hong Kong. 

By understanding what is expected of you during the audit process and adequately preparing for the same, you play an important role in ensuring that the audit is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Communication is important and therefore we encourage you to have an open line of communication with your auditor, answer any issues or concerns they raise, and ensure that the whole audit process goes smoothly without any hitches.

If you are looking for annual audit services from a service provider that has been tried and tested, Primasia has what it takes. At Primasia, we walk you through the audit process, make you understand the importance of annual audit Hong Kong company compliance, and you with valuable insights into the financial health of your business.

Reach out to us today and let us help you be compliant with Hong Kong financial reporting standards as well as give you a clear position of your company’s financial health.