Do you have a business in Hong Kong or neighboring jurisdictions? Well, being a business manager or owner can often mean having an eye on everything. This responsibility is a tough one because you want things to go as planned to make the business successful. All about outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong.

The best way to achieve business goals is not to get your hands on every part of operations because it can be overwhelming, but to bring experts in different areas, such as payroll, financial, and management, to help do things professionally in line with your targets. One of the areas, which is highly demanding in business management, is accounting. So, how do you go about it for compliance and optimal performance?

One of the best methods of getting the accounts of your company right is through outsourcing. Working with professionals ensures your business accounts are done correctly, helping you always make strategic management decisions using the right information and remain compliant with company laws of the jurisdiction of interest. In this post, we will look at the most outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong.

What is Outsourced Accounting?

Outsourcing means hiring another person or firm of experts outside your own business to manage a selected activity. For example, you can hire experts in payroll, technology or bookkeeping on a monthly or annual basis. Outsourced accounting, therefore, is hiring a firm of experts to help with one or more accounting activities in your company. This might be bookkeeping, audit, tax matters, and or payroll.

You might find outsourcing being referred to as subcontracting in some industries. Some of the main benefits of outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong (all about representative office in China) include:

  • Experts offering outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong work and deliver the targeted results and do not require sick or parental leaves. Even if the audits, payroll outsourcing, or other activity has a close deadline, the firm you contract will work even during weekends and public holidays to get the job done.

  • Outsourcing offers your internal accounting team the opportunity to learn from the best professionals brought on board under the contract. For example, this will be an opportunity to check and learn the accounting programs they use. If they use top-rated accounting software, such as Xero, go to the program’s menu to see the list of available features.

  • The experts can help you navigate the complex world of compliance in Hong Kong or industry. Even for businesses outside Hong Kong, it is also possible to get assistance after outsourcing the accounting services from a good firm. The professionals will come with the right resources, such as cloud accounting that allow them to work even in other countries.

  • Subcontracting is an excellent way to handle the excess workload, especially when scaling up or during periods of peak operations. For a business that has developed a good strategy and is experiencing rapid growth in Hong Kong, outsourcing will help you to handle all the additional workload.

  • You can concentrate on the core of the business, such as strategy formulation and its implementation, as experts professionally handle bookkeeping. Why struggle analyzing monthly or yearly financial statements and risk doing it wrong when outsourcing bookkeeping services from professionals is only a click away?

These are only a few of the benefits to expect from outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong. The list of advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping for better financial analysis and compliance can be longer, including getting assistance with strategy formulation and cutting down accounting-related costs.

You also get the opportunity to learn about company reporting from experts.

The Most Outsourced Accounting Services Hong Kong

Depending on your company’s needs, it might be a good idea to outsource all activities of the accounting departments. However, you might also want assistance with one or several of them. Here are the most outsourced accounting services in Hong Kong.

The Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable (AR)/ accounts payable management are the two most popular areas in accounting and you can outsource them to ensure your business is paying and getting paid by clients on time. This will come in handy in helping your firm to deal with cash-flow-related issues.  Some of the tasks in this area include:

  • Companies check processing

  • Expense reporting

  • Invoice storing

  • Online payment approval

  • Handling vendor inquiries

  • Collections management

  • Debt management

Bookkeeping Services

This is a continuous and repetitive activity in most companies and it can take the bulk of your time. When using the traditional desktop accounting programs, it can be pretty challenging because most of the details have to be filled in manually.

The good thing about outsourced accounting services Hong Kong is that providers use advanced cloud accounting programs, such as Xero.

With cloud accounting, most activities are easy to handle through automation and the financial data and reporting made available in real-time.

For example, banking data, such as statements and payments, is pulled automatically from your bank accounts so that you always have access to the latest financial information. The main activities in bookkeeping include:

  • Order to cash management

  • Time and expense management

  • Balancing ledgers

  • Employee expense processing

  • Multi-entity and currency consolidation

  • Invoice processing and payments

Preparing Financial Reports

Preparing financial reports or audits, whether for external or internal use, demands a lot of expertise. The lovely thing about working with accounting firms when preparing an audit is that the firms use Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with a lot of experience in related tasks.

They guarantee the accuracy and security of the information about your company and can easily create the report you want for disclosure to board members, stakeholders or the public. Now, they also come in handy in preparing environmental, social and governance (ESG) reports for investors.

The outsourced firm in Hong Kong can also help with useful analysis of business data, making it easy for your business management to draw the right strategic decisions. Remember that this is only possible by ensuring that only the best firm is outsourced for tax, payroll or accounting services Hong Kong.

●        Controller Services

Whether in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions, your company requires the right cash flow analysis and oversight for investors to make the right decisions. Outsourcing controller services makes it easy for your enterprise to grow through strategic guidance and management. The outsourced companies can also help with financial reporting insights. The controller services offered by the outsourced accounting services provider in Hong Kong involve the following activities:

●        Compliance management

●        Audit reporting

●        Management reporting

●        Cash flow analysis and reporting

●        Review of the product line efficiency

●        Transaction processing oversight

●        Vendor communication

Financial Planning and Analysis

No matter the industry, your business can only grow if you understand the right financial position. This is only possible through comprehensive financial analysis, planning, management and using the right technology.

Because they have all the expertise in accounting works, professional accountants will do your analysis to provide crucial information for correct decision making.

The sweet part of this analysis is that the information is made available in real-time through advanced accounting programs, such as Xero, so that you can use it to make the right decisions. This financial data can be used in:

●        Process mining

●        When preparing management reports

●        Data gathering and interpretation

●        Cash flow forecasting

●        Investor communication

●        Financial data analysis

Cost Accounting

This is an integral part of a company’s accounting and is used to determine the actual cost of producing a product or rendering a service.

Cost accounting works in close connection with other crucial units, such as supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, and research and development, and can come in handy when pricing products.

For your company to grow and become the multinational brand of your dreams, it is important to ensure the accounting is done correctly and you have the right technology. As we have demonstrated in this post, outsourced accounting services Hong Kong makes it possible to analyze and easily access crucial data for strategic decision making.

For example, if the spending on product development justified based on the emerging demand from clients. Remember that all the benefits we have listed in this post are only possible if you contract the best accounting firm in Hong Kong. Make sure also to learn and build crucial accounting skills from the outsourced professionals.

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