Hong Kong Residence by Investment: Your Complete Guide

Are you looking forward to growing your business offshore? One of the top jurisdictions for consideration is Hong Kong, a business hub known because of its strategic location and government support for business success. To go and run your business in the jurisdiction, one of the methods you might want to use is the special […]

Professional Business Incorporation Services in Hong Kong

For about two decades, Hong Kong has stood out as an investment paradise, offering investors outstanding opportunities to grow their ventures. It is one of the most liberal jurisdictions globally because of its progressive policies that offer a level playing field for all investors. To take advantage of this high-potential jurisdiction, the first and most […]

Equity Joint Venture in China – A Brief Guide

Equity joint ventures in China are some of the most preferred business models by foreign companies to enter the Chinese market after the wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE). Joint ventures are often established to benefit from local market know-how, profitable business strategies in a new economy, and the production capacity of the Chinese partner. Moreover, they […]